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 cucumber- behavior driven development in rails

BDD focuses on obtaining a clear understanding of desired software behavior through discussion with stakeholders. It extends TDD by writing test cases in a natural language that non-programmers can read. Behavior-driven developers use their native language in combination with the ubiquitous language of domain driven design to describe the purpose and benefit of their code. This allows the developers to focus on why the code should be created, rather than the technical details, and minimizes translation between the technical language in which the code is written and the domain language spoken by the business, users, stakeholders, project management, etc.

HAML to HTML converter


HTML to HAML converter


CSS to SASS Converter


JavaScript to CoffeeScript Converter




Anemone is a free, multi-threaded Ruby web spider framework from Chris Kite, which is useful for collecting information about websites. With Anemone you can write tasks to generate some interesting statistics on a site just by giving it the URL.


A Faster, Better HTML and XML Parser for Ruby


Provides easy-to-use Rake tasks to determine the code coverage of your unit, functional, and integration tests.


Heckle is a mutation tester that changes your code and checks to see whether your tests catch the changes. If Heckle is able to change instances of true to false (or 32 to nil, or remove method calls) in your application without creating a test failure, then your code isn’t tested well enough.



ExecJS lets you run JavaScript code from Ruby. It automatically picks the best runtime available to evaluate your JavaScript program, then returns the result to you as a Ruby object.



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