spree with Heroku and Amazon S3

A) spree installation 

1) add in gem file and bundle install
gem ‘spree’
gem ‘spree_auth_devise’
gem ‘spree_gateway’, :git => ‘git://github.com/spree/spree_gateway.git’, :branch => “1-3-stable”

2) rails g spree:install
3) bundle exec rake spree_auth:install:migrations
4) bundle exec rake db:migrate
5)change the following line in config/initializers/spree.rb
Spree.user_class = “Spree::LegacyUser”  to    Spree.user_class = “Spree::User”
6) bundle exec rake spree_auth:admin:create
7) to change logo rename your logo to “spree_50.png” and place at
8) added extensions the extension spree_self_delivery

B) Deployment on Heroku and Amazon S3

1) underneath the other config.assets lines inside config/application.rb add
config.assets.initialize_on_precompile = false

2) To configure Spree to upload images to S3, put these lines into config/initializers/spree.rb:

Spree.config do |config|
config.use_s3 = true
config.s3_bucket = ‘<bucket>’
config.s3_access_key = “<key>”
config.s3_secret = “<secret>”

3) in config/initializers/spree.rb:

Paperclip.interpolates(:s3_eu_url) do |attachment, style|
“#{attachment.s3_protocol}://#{Spree::Config[:s3_host_alias]}/#{attachment.bucket_name}/#{attachment.path(style).gsub(%r{^/}, “”)}”

4) git push heroku master
5) heroku run rake db:migrate
6) heroku run rake spree_auth:admin:create
7) heroku run rake db:seed
8) add addon sendGrid in heroku
Refer http://guides.spreecommerce.com/deploying_on_heroku.html

problem 1 :- Countries and States list not available in Spree

solution:- rake db:seed


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