RSpec – doubles stub and mock


when we depend on components with nondeterministic characteristics, we may find that files get corrupted, disk fail, networks time out, and servers go down in the middle of running specs. because these are things that we have no control over, they can lead to inconsistent and surprising results when we run our specs. doubles can disconnect our examples from real implementations of these dependencies.

when the system behaviour based on a sequence. a stub is perfect for this .Because each example can specify a different sequence.example:- In case of random generator, it is clearely a source of non determination. we want to replace the real random generator with stable sequence.


some time we need some service from another object that may not yet exist. In cases like this we can introduce mock object. which we can program to behave as the object we are currently expects. so when we focus on interaction mock objects make it much easier to achieve.


Source: The RSpec Book

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