community engine, S3, Heroku

1) clone the source code from

2) build and deploye to heroku

3) add addon sendgrid to your application
4)made necessary changes in application_config.rb


:app_host => ‘your hostname’,
:community_name => “your community name”,
:s3_credentials => {
:access_key_id => ENV[“S3_KEY”],
:secret_access_key => ENV[“S3_SECRET”]
:bucket => ENV[‘S3_BUCKET’],

5) add following too application_config.rb

:s3_protocol=> “https”,
:default_url=> “:attachment/:id_:style.:extension”,
:support_email => “”,

6) add configure values

heroku config:set S3_KEY=”your key”
heroku config:set S3_SECRET=”your secret”
heroku config:set S3_BUCKET=”your bucket”

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